These patio dining sets will transform your backyard into a design paradise.

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We tend to place a lot of emphasis on interior design when designing homes. Outdoor spaces, furnished with the finest patio dining sets, rugs, and lighting, are often left out. Instead, we populate our Pinterest boards with Mario Bellini’s Camaleonda sofa images or the latest mid-century modern decor. Perhaps it’s a Wabi-Sabi moment. In that case, lime wash walls and paper moon lamps are part of our plan. We create a sense of place by choosing the style and pieces that will define our lives. Why limit yourself to indoors?

We tell ourselves it will get dirty, so we settle on either a black-steel patio set or an all-weather wicker arrangement that can be used with any furniture. These thoughts are not surprising. A Google search for “outdoor furniture” reveals many options that are practical and uninspiring.

However, outdoor spaces can reflect the same sentiments as indoor spaces. You know how beautiful and evocative outdoor spaces can be if you have a backyard or other type of outdoor space. Many people spend the most memorable moments sitting at the patio table in warm weather. It’s essential to think of your outdoor space as an extension and source of joy since much of our time is spent outside entertaining friends and family.
Rattan can be used in place of wicker for outdoor furniture that has a coastal but modern look. As a nod to the Mediterranean, add some blue dining chairs to your rattan table.
Consider adding a restaurant to your outdoor space if it is not large enough (think balcony or fire escape). Pro tip: Consider a collapsible option to make it easy to store in the off-season. You can then relax while the weather is still warm by reading books and sipping OJ.
Choose wooden outdoor dining set with a mixed bench and chairs for a minimalist, desert-inspired look. This is also a nod towards the Wabi-Sabi energy that you may be trying to channel.
A tropical dining set can put you in the Caribbean, whether it’s Barbados, Jamaica, or even Barbados. Avoid using cold materials and stick to warm textures like bamboo, rattan, and wood. You can then add color to the cushions and upholstery by using prints or pops of color.
It’s impossible to imagine a French Riviera atmosphere in your backyard. So for a touch of Saint Tropez glamour, pair a set of woven bistro chairs and a white table with a dramatic pedestal top for an elevated poolside dining experience.
The late Ettore Sottsass, the architect, and designer is an excellent inspiration source for modern whimsy. You can surprise and delight your guests by adding color to their home with the iconic Colonna plastic stools paired with a sleek wooden table.

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